Chief Marketing Officer

Jennifer Wang

An advanced spaceship flies across the universe without breaking the silence, the kind spaceship you’d see in Avengers movies. Earth is right in our view but we keep our distance, always making sure we see the big picture.

The ship has different sectors - pilots, tech, operators, and explorers who always stay tuned and are available to communicate with the outside worlds. Kronos is kind of like this ship – requiring all teams to work cohesively allowing the ship to travel fast but to change directions quickly if need be.

I’m on the “exploration” or “communications” team. The working hours for my role is flexible as we don’t really operate by corporate time (the Monday to Friday 9-6 thing); we go by a more agile and exciting concept, in which you can decide when and where to work from, whom to communicate with.

The best part of the job, aside from the travel, is that you get to work with super humans. Those tech and finance titans you read about in the news or see on TV are accessible when you work at Kronos.

The best part about Kronos is definitely the culture. It’s hard to define the exactly the attributes that make for a great working experience, but Mark and Jack fight very hard to attract the right people and keep them. The result is a group of super professionals that are excited to start working and building almost every day.