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    Job Description

    KRONOS will revolutionize the hedge fund industry through the development of a multi-strategy, transparent, and democratized trading and asset management ecosystem to facilitate investments into cryptocurrency and other digital assets. KRONOS provides a technological bridge between two wanting parties: cryptocurrency investors, and portfolio managers (or traders). Investors hold cryptocurrency and other digital assets and seek a diverse set of returns; traders have the ability to manage such assets but lack the resources to obtain and administer it.

    KRONOS is a platform and multi-strategy ecosystem for the asset management industry. The KRONOS platform is powered by two types of tokens: an ERC20 utility token for the core KRONOS platform, and security tokens to be minted and issued for each of the child strategies implemented on the platform.

    Eventually, we anticipate KRONOS to move past cryptocurrencies towards disrupting the traditional investment management space as well. Through a decentralized approach to asset allocation and fund management, we can address some of the industry’s core deficiencies.

  • Strong knowledge of programming languages like C++ or Python
  • Deep understanding of data structures and algorithms
  • Practical focus on getting things done: we value a relentless approach to getting features deployed
  • Culture of collaboration and unselfishness
  • While we would like to see an interest in markets, no previous work experience in finance, business, or economics is required
  • Intermediate English speaking is required
    Plus Skills
  • Extremely competitive with plus bonus based on performance!
  • Please attach your resume
    Company Benefits
  • Free meals, snacks, beverage and fruits
  • Flexible working hours
  • Annual leave/paid sick leave/flexible vacation
  • Team gathering dining
    Salary Range

    NT$ 1,080,000 - 2,400,000 (per year)