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Evolution in Trading

KRONOS seeks to tokenize the best hedge fund strategies in an innovative two-token system. Our ecosystem unites the world’s top trading talent in a platform built for decentralized governance and fueled by our utility token, KRON.

We will be issuing a limited distribution of these tokens*. Please enter your email address to be added to our whitelist.

Why Kronos?

Access to elite trading strategies.
Evolution in governance.

Crypto markets are notoriously volatile and fast moving. Combined with human biases, low liquidity and inexperience, it's no wonder many perform poorly in secondary markets.

Of course, there are some who are consistently profitable - extremely profitable when volatility is high, but their strategies are exclusively enjoyed by the top hedge funds.

Even those with significant wealth have only a small chance of gaining access to these exclusive funds.

Kronos changes it all - for all in crypto.


difficult for market participants
Unfair access

1% of people control 50% of global wealth - Elite trading talent is only open to the elite. Kronos disagrees. We source and nurture elite talent and create a path so that KRON holders can have first access to their strategies.

unstable and highly volatile markets
Unstable and highly volatile markets

The volatility in crypto markets can be extreme, making it very difficult to trade for even professionals. Correlation is also very high so simply buying a basket of tokens does NOT offer significant diversification.


We are changing the rules once and for all. All KRON holders will have a chance to access the best strategies in quantitative trading and other investments within crypto. The mission of the KRONOS project is to:

- Attract, foster and retain the best trading talent globally

- Remove access barriers to the top investments

- Maximize resilience of ecosystem through intelligence of decentralized governance

What is Kronos?

Team of traders challenge the established using blockchain

KRONOS is an understanding that access to the best trading strategies should be done in a fairer way. Using blockchain smart contracts, we want to tokenize the benefits and governance of strategies normally open only to an elite few.

We are building towards this ambitious goal through a dual token structure -- utility & security intertwined.

Our utility token KRON can be used to pay fees or petition services, fuels an eventual decentralization of governance, and carries loyalty benefits through the entire ecosystem.

Our security tokens (coming Q2 2019, or sooner) represent the underlying assets of each strategy. They can be redeemed during redemption periods, but can also be traded on exchanges.

Our strategies carry a range of risk and return profiles, but are generally uncorrelated from the market. This means they can profit even when asset prices are falling. We will begin with high-frequency market making and proprietary trading, but will quickly add teams to trade "smart index", statistical arbitrage, and discretionary small-cap strategies.

We are uniquely designed to benefit from mutual synergies. Liquidity, transaction costs, and execution quality all improve when a diverse set of strategies are able to work together.

Team & Advisors

Faces behind Kronos

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When is it coming?


June 2018

Establish API connections

Begin alpha research

July 2018

Launch of website & branding

Private sale starts

Market making service begins

August 2018

Market-making services automated and can scale

September 2018

CTA (high capacity, longer duration strategy) goes live

November 2018

Team grows to ~20 globally

December 2018

Basic high frequency and discretionary strategies go live

Q1 2019

Maker and taker HFT strategies across spot and futures go live

Q2 2019

Introducing longer term CTA

Achieve the highest VIP tiers for the exchanges we trade heavily on

Scale UP all strategies and expand trading to more exchanges

Nexus equity fundraising

Q3 2019

Nexus Launch

Token sale & listing (finally!)

Q4 2019

Traditional fund launch